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Our Services

I. Personality Development Program:

Life Skills, Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Economic Skills, Leadership Skills, Interview Skills, Positive Thinking, Mathematical & Logical Thinking, Goal Setting (Temporary & Permanent), Career Guidance, Body Language, International Award Children Films Providing, Entrepreneurship qualities, All round Development program, Good Habits & Bad Habits, mindset changing program, Self Confidence & Early Success, Attitude changing program, Affirmations for memory and concentration, Good Friendship Benefits, Bad Friendship Benefits/Loss, How to earn money through online, DMIT & MBA, Psychometric Test, Dressing & Grooming for Good Appearance, Management of Mental Wellbeing, Psychological Skills for Effective Learning, We provide Self Employment course, Eshwari Children Film Society, Mental Repair Cell, Gratitude, Every person has 3 stages in life – Learning (0-25), Earning (25-60) & Retirement (60-100), Memory improvement program, Neuron rigidity, Neuron plasticity, The Placebo effect and Spoken English Program

II. Ethics and Moral Values Program:

Patience, Politeness, Respect, Helping Nature, Pleasing Nature, Culture, Family and Social Responsibility.

III. Slow Learners Improvement Program:

Basics test class wise test where is the child then we start work for all round development purpose.

 LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

School, Inter, Degree After and Before Program or Activities.

Abacus, Speed Maths, Vedic Maths and Good Stories.

 Music through Education, Road Education

Advance technology techniques like E-learning book tab, AR methods

IV. All Types of Co-Curricular Activities:

Best participation children in all types of activities, Participation Certification & Top 3 winners certificate/prize (District, State and National Level). Art & Craft, Day to Day Life Education, Computer basics and Related Courses, Swimming, Meditation, Driving, Painting, Plantation, India Record of Book, Limca Book of Record Participating, Karate, Yoga, Exercise, Eye, Brain & Tongue Exercise, Gymnastics, Dance, Pyramids, Music, Quiz, Drawing and Magic Tricks.

V. Best Indian Parenting All Tips Program:

Parenting Tips (0-5, 5-13, 13&above age), Seminars and Workshops.

All types of day to day life advice and Guidance for parents and children.

Student study room setting


100% Planning + 100% Action = 100% Results

VI. Teacher Training, orientation & placement programs.

With Telangana Government Certification

VII. Jobs Training and Placements Program

All Jobs Aproachment skilled and unskilled training and placements all over India and abroad, Job Placements Assistance

VIII. Educational Tour:

Local Tour

National Tour

Industrial Tour


DMIT- Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

MBA – Mid-Brain Activation

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