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We have 15 years experience in management sectored both Schools and Colleges

Since last 4 years we are reputed at educational and career guidance programs

We have experienced staff members and executives who worked in various corporate educational Institutes.

Company establishment and reasons

Established in the year 2016 at leading edge of the educational industry.

We pursue excellence, innovation and professionalism in everything.

We monitor, maintain and improve the quality of the service to clients throughout each stage.

We strive to make the education hub experience, enjoyable and to consistently exceed the expectation of our clients. Our client’s satisfaction is important to us.


To educate and support students as they explore and further understand themselves and career options, gain valuable experience, develop as professionals and launch their career plans.


Recognizing that career development is a life-long process, the mission of Career and Professional Development is to educate and support students as they explore and further understand themselves and career options, gain valuable experience, develop as professionals, and launch their post-graduation career plans.

Core Values

We build relationships:  We believe in building relationships with students throughout the career and professional development process.  Our expertise, experience, connections, and energy are available to each student. We are committed to helping students find the answers they need to make smarter, more informed career decisions.

We believe in passion: We believe strongly that each great career fit makes the world better. We make our mark on the world by helping others make theirs.  Actively discovering and pursuing passions leads to more valuable and impactful professionals who feel personally fulfilled.

We are catalysts: We are action-oriented. We help students discover where they want to go and help them make that happen.

We are educators: Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. We work with students at any stage in the career development process. We teach students about navigating the world of work. The skills and strategies they learn will serve them well for a lifetime.

We are open to all ideas:  Every person is different, and so is each career path — traditional or wildly unique. Career options are numerous and exploring them can be exhilarating.

We are challengers: We motivate and challenge students. We encourage them to explore varied career ideas, to become involved in more experiences during college, and to aim higher to achieve their career goals. 

We have valuable connections: Our connections build relationships that build careers that build a better world.  Networking is critical to gathering key information, gaining experience in different fields, and learning about job opportunities.

We are a team:  Our team members are professionals who work together and complement one another’s strengths.  We pursue healthy and productive working relationships through open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration, while growing in our collective professional development.

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