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Benefits of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Testing (DMIT ) Centers to identify your true innate abilities, the best career options for you, and your best zones.

Our goal is to bring significant transformation and positive change in your life by releasing the true and hidden potential of your brain.

There is nothing in this world, not even outside, that an enlightened and empowered brain cannot accomplish.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Testing (DMIT)

Medical Experts Observation:

Medical experts, through observation, registration, comparison, induction and clinical trials confirmed that fingerprints provide an accurate analysis of a person’s innate talents.

The evaluation system analyzes the distribution of the brain learning ability and brain function allocation of an individual and provides a relevant statistical report of the individual innate intelligence.

Therefore, DMIT test allows the development of the individual in the domain of the dominant intelligence.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Testing (DMIT) can help to understand the innate characteristics and effective mode of communication of the individual. It will provide them with the most appropriate learning habits from an early age and will improve learning ability effectively.

It can also help the guide / mentor discover the individuals potential and understand development of multiple intelligences. Therefore, it will be easy to improve your weakness during the learning process, to achieve everything round development.

Finally, we would like to convey the message to all Guides / Mentors and individuals that the purpose of this test is to enable you to fully understand and respect each person’s individual differences and provide education and / or training accordingly.

The vital factor of an individual’s intelligence is determined by the “neural network connection of brain cells.” It’s not just neither congenital nor destiny, but also largely determined by acquired environmental stimulation and early learning.

For more details about DMIT test please contact us with provided phone number and mail id and you can fill the contact form also.

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